Cleaning Pack - Student Essentials
Cleaning Pack - Student Essentials
Cleaning Pack - Student Essentials
Cleaning Pack - Student Essentials

Cleaning Pack


The Ultimate Student Cleaning Pack. Just all the essentials cleaning products and tools to get your new room spanking clean. The cleaning set includes 22 items: domestos toilet liquid cleaner, dove hand soap, laundry detergent, Mr. muscle antibacterial spray, Airwick air freshener, toilet roll, sponge, latex gloves, bin liner, dustpan & brush, and more.

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The Cleaning Pack


Keep your new living space fresh and clean with our Ultimate Student Cleaning Pack! With 21 must-have cleaning products and tools, including everything from toilet cleaner to laundry detergent, you'll have everything you need to keep your room sparkling. Plus, our high-quality supplies ensure that you're equipped with only the best for a deep, thorough clean. Get ready to level-up your cleaning game with our all-in-one cleaning bundle.

The Cleaning Pack contains:

Cleaning Products

Fairy Liquid (450ml) | Domestos Toilet Liquid Cleaner (750ml) | Mr. Muscle Antibacterial Spray (750ml) | Dove Hand Wash (250ml) | Eco-friendly laundry detergent Sheet

Loo Essentials

Airwick Air Freshener | 2x Toilet Ball Clip Cleaner | 2x Tree-Free Bazoo Toilet Roll

Kitchen Extras

4x Sponge/Scourer | Bin Liner (20 Bags) | Sponge Cloths |  Antibacterial Wipes (50 sheets)

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