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As a mom, project manager, and the mastermind behind the award-winning guide: 'From High School to Uni,' Philippa knows a thing or two about preparing for university! 

Recognizing the lack of practical skills taught in schools, such as budgeting, cooking or laundry, Philippa's mission is to help you on your journey with practical advice, handy tips, and personal insights to ensure a seamless transition and a successful start to university. 

Think of Philippa as your personal go-to guide! She provides all the tools you need for a smooth journey into higher education as well as answers to questions you want answered, such as, do you need a TV licence, how to stay safe, or what you should include in your first aid kit.

3 Things I wish I knew

These are my top 3 things I wish i knew if were to do this again.
1. Getting Prepared

As soon as you receive your course confirmation letter from the university, get started with the preparations for your transition. Packing, assembling relevant documents, and organizing your travel all requires precision planning, and the sooner you get started, the better.

2. Equipment

Don't buy too much too soon! Don't overthink it and pack everything but the kitchen sink!The Student Essentials packs are specifically designed with university life in mind. I have curated precise packing lists to cover EXACTLY what you will need at university. No more, no less. 

3. Health and Wellbeing

It's normal to feel a bit homesick and get the blues once the excitement of Freshers Week is over. Reality kicks in and you may start to miss home. This is a new chapter in your life, and your first chance at independence! Embrace the challenge, make friends, remember why you're there and celebrate every achievement.

Insights and Tips: Navigating University Life

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