10 university lifehacks

10 Lifehacks for Your University Life

  • Aug 12

Do you find yourself suddenly having to deal with day-to-day life, like actually taking care of yourself and #adulting?! First time operating the washing machine because your mom usually does it for you, and now you're wondering how to do everything yourself? Don't worry, we're giving you 10 life hacks you need to know as a university student.

The Roll Method Duvet Cover Hack

Changing your duvet is a legit workout. Not anymore with this hack! Turn the duvet cover inside out, lay the duvet on top and match the corners, roll the cover over the duvet from bottom to top, put your hand inside the opening and pull the whole roll through, start unrolling the roll and you're DONE! video tutorial here.

Closet Space-Saving Hack

If you've got gazillion clothing items, this one is for you. Use tabs from soft drink cans to convert your hangers into vertical hangers. Extra space at no cost!

Shower Cleaning Hack

Save time cleaning your bathroom while you wash your hair and put on that conditioner/hair mask ladies and gentlemen. Don't forget to use that baking soda and vinegar to clean every surface while at it. (dish soap works too!)

Alarm Hack

Do you set 10 alarms and STILL hit snooze every time? Put your phone inside a glass and you'll have your loudest alarm ever. We don't think you will miss any early morning classes.

Time Management Hack

Use Notion or Google Calendar to organize your day.

Microwave Hack

Want to heat 2 bowls at the same time? Put your first bowl in the microwave and then put a coffee mug upside down next to it. Place your second bowl on top of the coffee mug.

GPA or Grade Hack

First-year uni is when you want to rack up that easy A! Take the pressure away from later years as the first year usually is a breeze. It's called balancing, you're welcome.

Towel Hack for Summer

Hang a damp towel to cool down the stuffy dorm room during summer. A more economical and sustainable way to cool down.

Dryer Sheet Hack

Does your dorm smell funny sometimes? Tape a dryer sheet over your ac unit and turn it on, instant freshener. This hack also works with a fan.

Another Microwave Hack

Reheat bread or pizza with a glass of water. It prevents the dough from getting too chewy and the toppings to dry out.


Now you're ready for your uni life! If this is the first time you're moving to the university, check out our ultimate uni packing list