Hardship & Wellbeing Fund

The first Starter Pack Company to give back to our community, the students and enable them to reach their full potential whilst at University.
Results from the National Student Money Survey 2022, conducted by Save the Student, revealed that 82% of students across the UK are struggling to make ends meet. The rise in the cost of living, the shortfall in the amount of student maintenance loans available and the increased demand for scholarships and bursaries means the need to support students facing financial hardship has never been greater. Yet, the demand for hardship funding is soaring.

Setting Students for Success

For Universities and Accommodation Providers
Our Hardship & Wellbeing Fund is offered to each individual University and Accommodation provider.
Promote University Starter Packs
For every successful sale of our curated University Starter packs, a percentage of the sale goes towards the fund available for your students/ residents.

Total funding amount is calculated
Our advanced tracking system allows us to reconcile every transaction and track the referral source, so the right funding amount that is available is calculated for each University/ Accommodation.
Students submit 
funding application
The Student Essentials team will review the applications received and succesful applicants will be selected based on individual needs. The fund varies from £100 to £500 cash per student.
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Helping Students when it matters the most
Why the programme was established.
The Hardship and Wellbeing Fund has been an initiative by the director of Student Essentials. Kostas started Student Essentials with one vision in mind, provide convenience to students. As a student himself, he experienced financial difficulties whilst a medical student in London and through the Student Essentials Fund we are able to give back to our own community, the students. Our mission is to set students for success! 
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