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Welcome to a world where comfort meets sustainability. Our sustainable bedding option, made from 100% recycled PET plastic bottles, offers a cozy haven with a green conscience. Say goodbye to plastic in the kitchen as well – our utensils and chopping boards have embraced bamboo's eco-friendly charm. Committed to longevity, our products are more than university essentials; they're lifelong companions. Join us on a journey towards a greener tomorrow, where every choice at Student Essentials reflects a commitment to sustainable living.

📦 Packaging
Sustainability Unwrapped


In our commitment to a greener tomorrow, Student Essentials has waved goodbye to single-use plastics in most of our packaging. From bed linen to duvet covers, our items now come wrapped in sustainable materials—carbon-neutral and 100% recyclable. This shift aligns seamlessly with our dedication to reducing our carbon footprint, a choice acknowledged and appreciated by environmentally-conscious students. Some items might still use single-use plastic, but we're actively working to minimize its presence across our product selection.

🚚 Delivery
Green Routes


At Student Essentials, our mission goes beyond delivering packages – we're steering towards a cleaner, greener future. Through our partnership with DPD, a champion of emission-free city deliveries, we're actively shaping a sustainable tomorrow. DPD envisions a network of strategically positioned all-electric micro-depots, ensuring your next-day delivery is not just prompt but also cleaner, quieter, and more eco-friendly. While not every parcel currently takes the DPD route, we're fervently exploring and incorporating additional sustainable options.

♻️ Recycling
Circular Dreams

Mattress & Bedding Recycling

Our commitment to sustainability goes beyond the bedroom. With our mattress and bedding recycling service, businesses and local authorities across the UK can rest easy, knowing they are part of a circular economy. Achieving an impressive 90% recycling rate, we guarantee 100% landfill diversion, ensuring the materials from your mattresses, duvet, pillows and textile prodcuts embark on a valuable new life cycle. This service is available only to businesses and not to consumers.

Planting a tree 🌳
Nurturing Sustainability, One Tree at a Time

Planting a Tree with Every Order

Experience the joy of eco-friendly shopping with Student Essentials. For every order you place, we plant a tree—an initiative that goes beyond products. This commitment not only helps combat deforestation but also fosters biodiversity, transforming each purchase into a tangible contribution to a greener planet. Join us in this meaningful journey, where every order sows the seeds of positive change, making your shopping experience more impactful and environmentally conscious.