Christmas Gift Ideas for 2022

Last Minute Christmas Gift Ideas for Student Budget

  • Dec 21

The holiday season may be a challenging time to buy gifts for your loved ones when you're on a tight student budget. Considering the recession that is setting in and the skyhigh gas/electricity bill, it is important to be making smart choices when it comes to gifting. In light of this, we have compiled a list of possible Christmas gift ideas. Here’s some of our recommendations:


1. Journal

personalised leather journal from Not on the Highstreet

A journal is a thoughtful present. It is highly functional and helps your friends to keep track of their thoughts and feelings while practising mindfulness (most young people are into that right?). This present may also be ideal for that one friend who consistently arrives late to classes and has trouble recalling when they planned that study session. One of the nicest gifts you can offer someone to get them excited to return to school in the new year is brand-new stationery.

2. Desk organiser Set

 desk organiser set with contents

Well obviously, desk organisers are going to make our list while we’re at it. Functional and affordable, this gift will help to create optimal space for studying, free of clutter and distractions. Your friends will ace the new term next year for sure! 


3. Bed linens

luxury bed linens set in satin grey

Rest is equally important in achieving a healthy lifestyle, which made the list of most people’s New Year’s resolutions.  Hence, we’re sure anyone would appreciate a good quality bed linens, and we happen to know the place to order it at a great price.


4. Make your own personalised goodie bag

hampers full of food and snacks for Christmas season

If you like gift wrapping and making personalised gifts, this is the best option. Run to your nearest supermarket or local groceries to grab their favourite snacks like chocolate, cupcakes, cookies and tea. Throw in a cute greeting card and you’re good to go.


5. Socks

Heattech slub lined socks from Uniqlo

Have we mentioned the sky-rocketing gas and electricity bill? It’s high time to improve our layering game, and this includes socks! A good measure is to layer cotton socks under a woollen one and Uniqlo happens to have excellent options that include their famed heattech line. Watch out for promotions too as they do it often.